About Reese & Her Foundation

Our incredible friends and family started this foundation to help keep our Reesie’s memory alive, just after she went to Heaven.

In actuality, they’ve done alot more than that. They’ve given us something to pour our love for Reesie into here on Earth. To focus our new idle time that went to Reesie on building something wonderful. To plan events for the future that will honour our girl. To keep her name being spoken, to keep her words in the world & to have people speak cheerfully about her. We want to talk about our girl. We want to share what she was like and what she liked. She was taken too soon; but she lived happily, with sparkle and never-ending fun. We can do this freely with this foundation and for that you’ll never know how grateful we are. To that core group of friends and family who brought this big dream to fruition...thank you. Thank you times a million. We’ll never be able to say thank you enough.

All of your RO purchase’s proceeds and/or donations are going directly to help children in our community; whether it be dance lessons, swimming lessons, hockey equipment, food, books, angel tree gifts, clothing and more. As supporting small & local is very important to our family, we will continue to procure as many local & small businesses as we can for our fundraising adventures.

Reesie enjoyed the simple things. The small things made her happy. This is what we will continue to do with this foundation. We will help in small ways, with big impacts. We will help create core memories/skills for kids who otherwise wouldn’t be able to have those experiences. We will also passionately create awareness about CPR and the Chain of Survival. We’re chasing smiles for all kids the way our Reesie would have.

Lastly, thank you to YOU. Thank you for scanning that QR code that brought you here. Thank you for your curiosity. Thank you for taking the time to read about this initiative. Thank you for reading about our RO-ie. Thank you for contributing. You don’t have to donate or purchase anything to contribute. Just telling another person about our Reesie or sharing this Foundation on Social Media is enough. Thinking about brushing up on your CPR is enough. Sending in an application for a child in need is contributing more than you’ll ever know. Every single whisper about the Love 4 Reesie Foundation is helping keep Reese’s name being said and creating a smile somewhere.

Follow @love4reesiefoundation on Instagram and Facebook to see how Reese is helping the world, one smile at a time xo

Love, Reesie’s Family xo